Botium Box Release Notes

This document is updated on each Botium Box Release and shows notes for current and past releases, notes on current development efforts and the general Botium Box roadmap for the next 3–6 months.

2020–12-21: Botium Box v2.8.3 is out

Benchmarks for Massive Load Testing

We did some benchmarking to find and improve the limits of how many parallel users you can simulate with Botium Box Performance Testing - see Hardware Requirements for details.

Botium Box Monitoring

We added a Prometheus metrics endpoint to Botium Box for our On-Premise-Clients - see

New Connectors

Includes Botium Core 1.10.3

Next To Come: Insights into the Botium Box Backlog

What we are currently working on:

  • Next Release in December will be Botium Box 2.9

  • Documentation and How-to articles in our Botium Wiki

  • Bot analytics

Roadmap: Botium Box Future

We are working on Botium Box v3. There won’t be a “big bang”, but in the next 3–6 months we will constantly improve Botium Box v2, amongst others with:

  • Supporting interactive UI elements in chatbots throughout Botium Box

  • Supporting multimedia elements in chatbots throughout Botium Box

  • Support for Fuzz testing, Load testing, Performance testing

  • Botium Box extended clustering and load balancing

For the next 1–2 years, here some of our ideas we are constantly adding to our roadmap:

  • Automating the test automation — generate test cases from existing test cases by using linguistic algorithms, word synonym lists, markov chains and more

  • Bots testing Bots - Botium crawler

  • Cooperation with universities (TU Wien)

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