Git Error 128

When using a remote git repository in Botium Box and it constantly keeps failing with a message containing git error 128, you can try the following:

Verify Git Connectivity

Most likely connection to the Git repository fails for networking reasons. Make sure that your company firewall or your local firewall allows connection to the Git server.

If you require an HTTP(S) proxy, you will have to configure it in the Git settings. As Botium Box is running in Docker containers, you have to add the required configuration in the container itself.

Open a shell to the Botium Box Server or Botium Box Agent containers (see here) and run these command:

1 git config --global http.proxy http://<username>:<password>@<proxy-server-url>:<port>

If you are using a self-signed SSL certificate, or an SSL certificate signed by a non-standard authority, you can disable the SSL verification by adding this line:

1 git config --global http.sslVerify false

See this article for more configuration examples.

When running a Botium Box update or when recreating the containers, those settings will be lost.

Path name too long

When on Windows and the git repository is nested deeply, it can happen that the path names are too long for the Windows system. What you can do to shorten the path is to modify the BOTIUM_TEMPDIR environment variable to something very short. This is the directory for Botium Box to place temporary files, and Git repositories are checked out there by default.

By default, it points to the botiumwork directory under the installation directory, and depending where you installed it, the total absolute path can get pretty long.

Set it to something like /tmp/botium or C:\Temp\Botium.