Can I use JIRA to manage my test cases ?

Scenario: you are using Jira issues for test case management. The Botium test cases are attached to Jira issues (for example, as Excel files).

Solution: register the attachment download link together with Jira credentials in Botium Box as “Download Link”.

Create a Jira API Token

In Jira, create an API Token:

Find Attachment Download Link

  1. Use a link in this form to retrieve the issue details with the Jira Rest API:

  2. In the resulting JSON document, search for the attachment section and get the content attribute:

Register Download Link in Botium Box

  1. In Botium Box, navigate to the test set (or create a new one), enter the Remote Repositories section and click Register Download Link

  2. Enter anything in the Download Link Name field

  3. In the Download Link field, enter the URL from the attachment content attribute (step 2 from previous section)

  4. Enter your Jira credentials in the Username / Password fields

    1. Username is your Jira login email address

    2. Password is the API Token created above

    3. Click Add Basic Auth Headers to generate the HTTP Basic credentials

  5. Save and you are ready to go.

Botium Box will now download this Jira attachment everytime when running a test session.