Enable Diagnostics and Inspect Logs

First, you have to enable diagnostics for Botium Box. Afterwards, you can inspect the log output.

This guide only applies to On-Premise installations. For cloud platforms, see the instructions:


Enable Botium Box Diagnostics

Botium Box uses the Node.js debug library for diagnostics. It provides many finetuning options, but the most important one is the environment variable DEBUG:

  • Set it to botium* to enable diagnostics output for Botium Box Server(s) and/or Botium Box Agent(s)

  • Restart Botium Box

Currently, Botium Box is distributed with diagnostics enabled by default, so most likely you won’t have to do anything.

How to set environment variables depends on your infrastrucure.

Setting environment variable in docker-compose.yml

Edit the file with a text editor of your choice and add the environment variables for the Botium services.

1 2 PRISMA_ENDPOINT=http://prisma:4466/box/prod DEBUG=botium*

Afterwards, restart Botium Box.

1 2 docker-compose stop docker-compose up -d

See here for more information on how docker deals with environment variables.

Inspect Logs with Docker-Compose

To inspect the logs, use the docker-compose logs command:

1 docker-compose logs

This command will show whole logs from all Botium Box services. To get live logs in the console, do this:

1 docker-compose logs --follow

To only show latest log output, use the --tail option, for more hints see here

As an alternative, you can just show the logs of one docker container

  • First, find the container id by using docker ps

  • Then use the docker logs command to see the log output

See more.

Redirect Log to File

When you asked to send the log file, you will have to redirect the log output to a file. You can either use Copy&Paste in the console, or you can redirect output with the > operator:


1 docker-compose -f docker-compose-built.yml logs > stdout.txt 2> stderr.txt

Here logs from standard output stream and from standard error stream are written to two different files.

Inspect Logs from Botium Agents

Botium Box can archive log output from Botium Agents while running test cases. You have to enable this behaviour first.

Please make sure that Botium Box Diagnostics are enabled, this is a prerequisite (see above).

Enable diagnostics logging for Botium Agents

To enable diagnostics for all agents, open the Default Agent in the Botium Agents view (configuration applies to all available agents).

To enable it for one agent only, select the single agent in the list.

Enable the logging in the Settings section and save. The agents are reconfigured automatically.

View Botium Agent log output

When running a test session, the log output is visible now in the Test Session Jobs section

Click Read More at the bottom to see the whole log output in a new window.