CI/CD Integration

This article shows several options how to integrate Botium into your CI/CD pipeline. One of the key principles of Botium is to prevent vendor-lock-in — it is open to the highest degree for integration into any software product out there, even custom pipelines.

Having said that, as long as it supports any of the following technologies, there is a very high likelyhood that Botium will seamlessly fit into your CI/CD pipeline:

  • Running a headless CLI tool

  • Running Mocha/Jest/Jasmine tests with Node.js

  • Calling an HTTP(S)-GET-Endpoint, either by itself or by using tools like cURL or Wget

Botium can output several file formats for further processing in a CI/CD pipeline:

  • JUnit XML (test results)

  • CSV (test results and full test case transcripts)

  • JSON (test results and full test case transcripts)

Read more about it here: